Pop, he did it

This has probably been one of the most emotional elections that I have witnessed in my existence (it’s been a short one, I’ll give you that). The uproars that have occurred over the course of Hilary and Trumps campaigns have been recognized globally. Last night, we sat and waited. We watched colours cover the United States, some blue while many turned red. The anticipation of who would replace the widely loved Obama in the oval office rose as the night went on. Anxiety, excitement and fear were emotions that many felt last night.

Pop, he did it.

 We all stood in amazement as the man who we didn’t think could do it, did it. All day I have heard nothing but talk about the election. In fact, it seems to be the only thing that we as a collective can think about. Sure, I might be Canadian, but we nosy neighbours do like to know what’s happening next door. ESPECIALLY when their barky dog keeps us awake at night.

I can’t say that I don’t have opinions about the election, because, well, I do. However, I don’t necessarily feel like sharing them would be helpful right now. I have felt sick to my stomach while watching this whole thing unfold (I’m sure you have too), so I’d like to take our focus off of what we can’t control and fix our eyes who is in control. 

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Romans 13:1

If you’re anything like me, this scripture will be a hard one to swallow. You might be thinking “God willed this? The God who you say is love? What’s the deal, that doesn’t make sense.” Yeah, I’m with you. It’s hard to totally understand how God works at all times, but it takes greater faith to trust in Gods sovereignty when everything’s going haywire than it does when our president is personally feeding the homeless or caring for other margianalized community. 

The fact is, no candidate will ever be able to meet the needs of people the way that God intended. If you question whether God loves or cares about the oppressed, just read John 13 or Amos. God cares a TREMENDOUS amount about these populations, more so than we can fully comprehend! 

“Ok, maybe that’s true. That doesn’t change the fact that Trump is trying to ruin America.” (Your hypothetical words, not mine.” 

I’m not saying that God agrees with Trump or supports him. What the scriptures say is that the God who cares about people deeper, wider and longer than the earths population COMBINED is in control. We can rest easy knowing that God is at work. 

Speaking of which, this isn’t the first time that people collectively stood in utter shock while experiencing overwhelming amounts of distress due to the unveiling of what seemed like a hopeless situation. 

There once lived a Man who gave life to masses through His unconditional and self sacrificial love. Day in and day out he healed the sick, cared for those who were rejected by society and lived selflessly at all times. He was hated by many, which led Him to dying a terrible death on a cross. This Man’s followers stood and watched this man suffer for hours and, when he breathed his last breath, saw him tragically lose His life. 

It was hopeless. The man who gave life lost his own. 

This is the Messiah? The one who was struck down by earthly authorities will be our King? Who will save us now? 

What seemed like a hopeless situation brought hope to the world. God used a situation that rocked the lives of many to save the masses who rejected Him. 

We thought He lost, but God was in control all along. In fact, at the climax of this tragedy came a moment in history that has personally changed my life forever. 

So yes, the fact is the election did not end as expected. There are people globally who are fearful for their lives because of what Trump will do next. This is not close to being an ideal situation, however, I trust that the God who rose Jesus from the dead and who loves in inexplicable ways is totally in control. 

Praying for the world today. Be kind to one another, times are tough. 


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